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Atlas Copco – An event worth remembering!


The Atlas Copco group is a world-leading supplier of sustainable productivity-enhancing solutions. They provide their customers in more than 180 countries with products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. In June 2017, Atlas Copco arranged a "Group event" to which many of the top managers worldwide were invited. For this event, Atlas Copco wanted to produce a memorable gift.


The challenge lay in finding products that suited the target group, which in this case were men and women in leading positions. It would feel solid, be useful and easy to carry home. Atlas Copco also wanted to include its logo, which also presented the challenge of making it feel stylish without being perceived as an advertising product.


In collaboration with the customer, we produced cufflinks for the men and a bracelet for the women based on the same design approach. We produced these in 925 silver to add extra weight to the products, and delivered them in a custom-made case with a small "thank you card" from Atlas Copco. The gift was a much-appreciated memento of the event and will also serve as recognition for those who were there.

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